Frontend Developer
Join us today to participate in our ambitious development plans! In the coming year, we plan to launch 12 offices in various cities in Israel and other countries of the world, so we are looking for ambitious professionals!
IMPORTANT! Candidates with Junior/Middle level experience are not considered for this position.
We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer who will assist Full Stack Engineer to develop frontend part an MVP of one of our services.
Your candidacy will be considered if:
  • You have experience developing projects from the ground up;
  • You have 3+ years of experience leading positions as a team leader or a technical director.
Our company is deeply committed to fostering reliable and long-term partnerships. We understand the value of mutual trust and are dedicated to creating the best possible conditions for our candidates. Your success is our priority, and we strive to support you in every way to ensure a fruitful and enduring collaboration.
Full-time employment
  • Developing frontend part and launching MVP into production;
  • Designing user and administrative interfaces;
  • Implementing reporting formation and output (dashboards, graphs, tables, etc.);
  • Implementing integration with partners through REST API;
  • Actively engaging with business owners, proposing and discussing ideas for further product development;
  • Active involvement in the product launch process.
Important: The position is open in our office in Israel and a remote format is also considered.
The stages of communication with candidates:
  1. Passing a technical interview and completing a small test task online in the presence of our technical specialist is mandatory;
  2. After successfully completing the test, we will make you an offer to cooperate in developing or refining the MVP of one of our products;
  3. We will test your work with user traffic within 2 weeks after finishing the MVP development of our products to ensure its functionality;
  4. We will sign the act of performed work and pay in accordance with the contract terms after successfully testing and verifying the project.
We offer:

  • A unique chance to be part of an ambitious project;
  • Generous reward + KPI bonuses, discussed during the interview;
  • Ample opportunities for professional and personal development;
  • Remote work or office-based employment in our office in Israel and other countries.
1. Proficient in JavaScript and TypeScript:

  • Possesses an in-depth understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript, including advanced concepts and best practices.
  • Demonstrates expertise in writing clean, maintainable, and efficient code using these languages.

2. Expertise in React, Redux, and Next.js:

  • Demonstrates a deep understanding of React.js, Redux, and Next.js frameworks.
  • Proficient in developing scalable and high-performance web applications using these technologies.

3. Knowledge of RESTful and GraphQL APIs:

  • Familiarity with designing, implementing, and consuming RESTful and GraphQL APIs.
  • Capable of effectively integrating frontend components with backend services using these API styles.

4. AWS Proficiency:

  • Possesses a strong understanding of AWS services, especially AWS Amplify, CloudFront, AppSync, and API Gateway.
  • Experienced in deploying and managing frontend applications on AWS infrastructure.

5. GitOps Expertise:

  • Proficient in Git version control system and GitOps principles.
  • Capable of implementing GitOps workflows to streamline development, deployment, and collaboration processes.

6. Testing Skills:

  • Ability to write unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests for frontend applications.
  • Experience with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) methodologies and practices.

7. Education and Certifications:

  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent field.
  • Possesses relevant certifications in frontend development or cloud technologies (preferred but not mandatory).

8. Strong Portfolio:
  • Demonstrates a substantial portfolio of completed projects and solutions, showcasing technical expertise and problem-solving skills.
  • Advantageous to have experience in delivering projects across various domains and industries.
  • Experience with other frontend frameworks/libraries such as Vue.js or Angular.
  • Familiarity with containerization technologies like Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD pipelines and automated deployment strategies.
  • Understanding of responsive design principles and cross-browser compatibility issues.
Additional Skills (Advantageous):
If you are ready to be a key player in creating an innovative product capable of changing the market, we invite you to join us!

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