Bankimonline invites mortgage brokers: Open your successful office today!
Earnings up to 30,000 ₪
Investments from 300,000 ₪
Payback period from 10 to 12 months
Bankimonline - marketplace for mortgages and credits
Bankimonline provides its clients and partners with a unified digital service for all types of lending
Mortgage Calculation
Mortgage Refinancing
Credit Calculation
Credit Refinancing
How will you be earning?
We bring in clients - You receive a percentage from the mortgage deal
We will bring you exclusive clients, and you will receive a commission for the mortgage deal.

What is included in the franchise?

Banks we cooperate with

How to open a franchise
  • Fill out the form on our website
    Simply fill out a brief questionnaire on our website to join our program
  • Our representative will contact you
    We will schedule a meeting with the CEO, who will conduct an interview with you
  • We will sign an agency agreement to provide you with exclusive clients
    If you fit our criteria, we will enter into a contract through which we will transfer exclusive clients to you
  • We open an office for you and provide training on how to use our digital services
    We will not only open an office for you but also provide equipment for comfortable work. We will train you in all the intricacies of using Bankimonline digital services to establish business processes for your office
  • You will receive a stable income on individual terms
    Bankimonline's digital services operate 24/7 to ensure you receive a stable income according to the individual terms of the agency agreement
The franchise cost and your income
Up to 300,000 ₪
Up to 30,000 ₪
Payback period
From 10 to 12 months
Depending on your experience and capabilities,
we will make you an individual offer
Do you want to earn a stable income? Bankimonline will help you with that
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