Full-stack developer
Join us today to participate in our ambitious development plans! In the coming year, we plan to launch 12 offices in various cities in Israel and other countries of the world, so we are looking for ambitious professionals!
We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer partner who will independently develop an MVP of one of our services, take a leading position, and become our business partner.
IMPORTANT! This position only requires cooperation within the exclusive partnership offer! Candidates with no experience developing projects from scratch or with Junior/Middle level experience are not considered for this position.
We offer exclusive terms and conditions for partnership: a permanent monthly income and a premium percentage of profits after MVP launch.

The terms of the exclusive partnership are discussed at the interview with the CEO.
Your candidacy will be considered if:
  • You have experience developing projects from the ground up;
  • You have 3+ years of experience leading positions as a team leader or a technical director;
  • You are ready to become our business partner after developing an MVP of our services.
Full-time employment
Tel Aviv
  • Leading and scaling own development, testing, and DevOps teams;
  • Developing and launching MVP into production;
  • Designing user and administrative interfaces;
  • Implementing reporting formation and output (dashboards, graphs, tables, etc.);
  • Implementing integration with partners through REST API;
  • Enhancing systems responsible for data collection and processing (backend);
  • Actively engaging with business owners, proposing and discussing ideas for further product development;
  • Active involvement in the product launch process.
Our expectations for the candidate:
Important: The position is open in our office in Israel and a remote format is also considered.
  • Experience in projects where you took initiative in leading product development from scratch or a significant part thereof (e.g., a major feature of a large-scale product);
  • Over 5 years of experience in web development, including both frontend and backend development;
  • Information technology education or equivalent work experience is required;
  • Backend: PHP 8.1, Laravel 10, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Linux, Git GitLab, Docker, Jira, Swagger, API and others;
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6+, TypeScript), React, React Router, Redux, SCSS, CSS, Figma;
  • Knowledge of databases that are both relational and non-relational, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, FireBase, and others.
  • Experience in using a variety of development tools and technologies including version control systems (like Git), development environments (like Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA), and dependency management systems (like npm, pip) are all included;
  • Ability to design and develop APIs ensuring efficient interaction between the customer and server sides of the application (RESTful API);
  • Understanding of cloud technologies and experience working with cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure;
  • Understanding of the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the ability to focus on key features for its rapid launch;
  • Project and team management skills as well as strategic thinking and analytical abilities;
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team;
  • Willingness to contribute to business development and actively participate in the project's success.
The stages of communication with candidates:
  1. Passing a technical interview and completing a small test task online in the presence of our technical specialist is mandatory;
  2. After successfully completing the test, we will make you an offer to cooperate in developing or refining the MVP of one of our products obligated to spend 320-360 hours within two months of the contract's signing;
  3. We will test your work with user traffic within a week after finishing the MVP development of our products to ensure its functionality;
  4. We will sign the act of performed work and pay in accordance with the contract terms after successfully testing and verifying the project;
  5. The results of our collaboration to develop MVPs for our products will determine whether we will offer you an exclusive partnership offer with a transition to the position of Chief technology officer.
Important: We will also consider your candidacy if you use other stacks.
We offer:
  • The opportunity to receive an exclusive collaboration offer in business;
  • Assistance in the recruitment of your own team of developers, testers, etc. specialists;
  • Equipped office;
  • A unique chance to be part of an ambitious project;
  • Generous reward + KPI bonuses, discussed during the interview;
  • Ample opportunities for professional and personal development;
  • Remote work or office-based employment in our office in Israel and other countries.
If you are ready to be a key player in creating an innovative product capable of changing the market, we invite you to join us!

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