We are looking for talented junior project managers who will help us to actively develop projects and reach new heights! Joining us you will not just fulfill your duties, you will become part of a team where every voice is important and every success becomes a common achievement! In our company we value every employee and promote professional development.
We are ready to invest in your knowledge! We offer two-month training at the expense of the company, where we will teach not only theoretical knowledge, but also give you a unique opportunity to apply your knowledge in practice! We are looking for highly motivated people who are ready to learn to become a top-notch project manager!
Please note: the position entails a test assignment!
Full-time employment
Tel Aviv
Responsibilities at the Initial Stage Include:
  • Crafting and documenting technical tasks for the development team and other specialists;
  • Monitoring development processes and analyzing outcomes;
  • Maintaining daily project reports;
  • Facilitating team collaboration (with designers, frontend developers, backend developers);
  • Organizing processes in GitLab, Confluence, and Figma;
We Offer:
  • Free practical training at the expense of the company for 2 months;
  • Conclusion of a contract for 6 months with monthly payment after training, ie starting from the third month;
  • Remote work with a 5/2 schedule from 9:00 to 18:00;
  • Opportunity for professional and career growth in IT;
  • Competitive salary (conditions are discussed at interview).
We are happy to contribute to your professional growth, so after six months of work provided improvement of working conditions, based on the results of the development of our products, with the possibility of moving to a senior position!

Let's work together to create the future we deserve! Join us today and become part of the team that changes the world for the better!
Upon Product Launch and Transitioning to a Project Management Role:
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills;
  • Ability to collaborate effectively in teams and manage projects of varying scopes;
  • Analytical thinking and sound decision-making abilities.
  • Overseeing comprehensive project management, including planning, task breakdown, timeline monitoring, and deliverables evaluation;
  • Managing project documentation;
  • Implementing agile methodologies like Kanban and Scrum;
  • Coordinating team efforts.
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